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Dental Implants in Naperville, IL

Are you tired of your old dentures that slip, click, and make it difficult or impossible to eat or talk naturally? Or are you tired of hiding your smile due to unsightly missing teeth? Dental implants in Naperville, IL, is your solution. Derrick L. Williamson, D.D.S., M.S., P.C., gives you dental implants that look and feel like your own teeth. Talk, laugh, and eat what you want, without worrying about your teeth. Some of the benefits include:

• Dental implants improve chewing, digestion, and speech.
• Dental implants eliminate gum irritation associated with traditional dentures.
• Dental implants prevent joint pain and bite problems caused by shifting teeth.
• Dental implants do not cause damage to adjoining teeth associated with bridges.
• Dental implants last longer than other tooth replacements, often for a lifetime.

If you have missing teeth, tooth implants are the ultimate solution, giving you the function, feel, and look of your own teeth. Imagine living without the worry of your dentures falling out or your bridge needing replaced. Dr. Williamson and his highly-trained staff eliminates the worry and gives you the welcome reality of teeth that look and feel just like your own.

How Do Tooth Implants Work?

Modern tooth implants use small posts that function in the same way a root structure would for your natural tooth. The implant process starts with the placement of the dental implant into your upper or lower jaw. What makes dental implants so strong and long-lasting is that the jaw bone fuses around the implant, holding it solidly in place. After the bone has grown around the implant, your new tooth is attached. The result is a tooth that looks and feels natural and, with proper care, will last for a lifetime. With dental implants, the potential for embarrassment is gone and the ability to eat and speak normally is restored. It's as though your own natural teeth have been given back to you. When you see and feel your incredible tooth implants, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Before & After Dental Implants in Naperville, IL

Choose an Expert for Your Teeth Implants

Choosing to replace your missing teeth with dental implants is a big decision. Perhaps an even more important decision is choosing who will perform your teeth implants. Dr. Williamson is a prosthodontist, a dentist with advanced training in restoring and replacing missing teeth, as well as cosmetic dentistry. You can be sure of receiving the very best possible results when you choose our prosthodontist office for your dental implants.

Contact  us today to replace your missing teeth with dental implants that feel and look natural, and last a lifetime. We are honored to provide services to Naperville, Wheaton, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, and Willow Springs, Illinois.
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